Police Car Torched at Election Count, Explosion Damages Nearby Buildings

burnt police car

Firefighters have said they have ‘strong reason’ to believe a police car which exploded outside an election count in Hinckley, Leicestershire was deliberately destroyed.

The car fire was being hosed down by firefighters when it suddenly exploded around 0230 this morning, showering the street with broken glass and damaging nearby buildings. A local journalist tweeted the explosion could be heard from inside the count.

It is reported the car has been left by police officers patrolling the election count.

The Leicster Mercury reports the comments of Hinckley fire station chief Steve Moore, who said: “It’s probably malicious, that’s what it’s looking like anyway.

“It’s a well serviced vehicle and there’s no indication of an engine fault. I haven’t seen a police car go up like that before.

“We sent one fire engine, and the firefighters were fully involved in quite a spectacular explosion which sent glass 60ft across the road. A fireman was right next to it when it exploded and the windows were blown out. He would have been covered in glass but he’s OK.

“It’s caused substantial damage to the building next door”.