No Stone Unturned – British Press Hunt Giant Miliband Tablet

Ed Miliband At Question Time

Forget the worries about economic austerity, Scotland’s future and Britain’s place in Europe. In the wake of last week’s British general election, a weightier question looms.

Among Britain’s fiercely competitive tabloid papers, the race is on to find out what became of an 8-foot (2.4-metre) slab unveiled by opposition Labour leader Ed Miliband four days before voting day and inscribed with six election promises that he said were literally carved in stone.

The stunt backfired, with critics mocking the so-called Ed Stone as the “heaviest suicide note in history” and drawing ironic comparisons with Moses and the biblical Ten Commandments.

Miliband resigned after losing the election heavily to Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, and the monument he had planned to install in the garden of 10 Downing Street has now mysteriously vanished.

Speculation over the whereabouts of what now looks like a gravestone for Miliband’s electoral ambitions has become a popular sport on Twitter.

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