Militant Vegetarian Attacked Men With Knife Because They Were Eating Meat in Public

Knife Meat

A German vegetarian showed zero compassion for a group of carnivores on Sunday night, pulling a knife and then beating them on a train journey between Traunstein, Bavaria and Munich.

A group of eight teenagers had brought kebabs on the train to sustain themselves after attending a music festival weekender, however instead of an unctuous treat, they instead found themselves under threat.

A fellow passenger, who has been described as a 29-year-old vegetarian, was so disturbed by their midnight snack he began to threaten them. When he saw they weren’t willing to give up their food, he pulled a knife to make his intentions clear, reports

A scuffle broke out and the assailant hit two of the young men over the head. They disembarked the train at the next station and alerted police. They arrested the man at Rosenheim and he will no doubt be given a good grilling for his conduct.

The offender will also be charged with causing bodily harm and using threatening behaviour.

This is not the first time Breitbart has reported on the apparently growing culture war between meat eaters and abstainers – be it for ethical or religious reasons. We reported in January how skinned boars had been left outside two vegetarian restaurants in California.

On Christmas day last year, a pig’s head was hung on the door of a mosque in Vienna, only shortly after construction of a new Islamic school in the city went ahead despite stiff opposition from locals and the national government.