Reports: ‘White Briton’ Was Part of ISIS Suicide Attack


Islamic State fighters claim to have seized the Iraqi town of Ramadi after a wave of suicide bombers, including a ‘white Briton’, attacked the city.

The terror group named the man as Aby Musa al-Britani and issued a picture of him wearing a balaclava. Al-Britani is a common name taken by Britons who join the jihadist group, although the man’s identity is unknown.

Islamic State said that six men were involved the attack, which resulted in the raising of the jihadi flag over the city’s local government compound.

The Independent reports that fierce fighting continues in part of the city, with Iraqi forces still in control of a military compound towards the west.

The governor of the Anbar province, of which Ramadi is the capital, said on Twitter:

Despite the governor’s defiance, an army major claimed that Islamic State had taken control of the city’s only supply route and most army units had retreated to protect the last remaining compound.

“If the government does not send any reinforcements and the coalition air force does not rescue us, I can confirm we will lose all Ramadi by midnight,” he said. “A massacre will take place and all of us will be slaughtered. We have been defending the city for months and we don’t deserve to end like this. It’s humiliating.”

If Ramadi does fall, it will be a severe setback for the Iraqi government who only six weeks ago celebrated retaking the city of Tikrit from the jihadists.

Islamic State claims to have taken control of Ramadi’s government compound after “eliminating the apostates” inside. The majority of Anbar province, which borders Saudi Arabia, is now under IS control.