Police Called to Primary School After Students Play Sword Fights… With Rulers

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A mother has described how she broke down in tears after discovering the headmistress of her son’s school called the police to end a children’s playground game.

Police spoke to nine year-old Kyron Bradley, who was playing a game of sword fights with friends using school rulers. The boy had already been told off two days before by the school for playing the same game, and his mother had been called in to speak to staff about his behaviour.

Natasha Bradley, 27, said her son had cried when he was disciplined for playing games, but was shocked to learn of the extreme measures taken. Speaking to special interest publication News Shopper she said: “I had already dealt with him myself. Why the police were involved I haven’t a clue?

“I was so disgusted with the way he was being dealt with I burst out crying. I am quite a strict parent… I am not saying my child is an angel but he has never been in trouble for anything more than being a bit chatty”.

Ms Bradley has made a formal complaint over the treatment of her son. Responding, headmistress Geraldine Shackleton said: “I am expected to use my judgement and act appropriately to ensure children and staff in my school are safe.

“It would not be appropriate to discuss individual situations but in general terms schools work closely with local police as a matter of routine to gain help and guidance in these matters. Officers from the local Safer Neighbourhoods teams engage with educational establishments and young people in their area.

“The work these officers do plays an integral part in helping to keep young people safe and build on community relationships”.