‘David Cameron Always Difficult’ – Euro Parliament Head

Reuters/Ints Kalnins

A senior EU official said he did not expect unusually tough talks on Friday with David Cameron, who has brought his demands for reform of the bloc to a summit in Riga – because, he said, talking to the British prime minister was always difficult.

“I don’t expect a difficult debate with David Cameron today,” Martin Schulz, the German Social Democrat who is president of the European Parliament, told reporters. “Debates with David Cameron are always difficult, here or elsewhere.”

The remarks revealed a degree of impatience with Cameron’s demands for change in the bloc before he puts continued British membership to a referendum by 2017. The Conservative leader said in Riga he would seek reforms to give voters a “proper choice”.

But some other EU officials urged that the summit, intended to develop relations with six former Soviet republics, should not be distracted by the effects of Cameron’s first encounter with fellow leaders since his re-election two weeks ago.

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