Anglo-Russian Relations Thaw as Cameron and Putin Work Together Against ISIS


The leaders of the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation have re-opened talks about defeating the Islamic State in a remarkable show of Solidarity against the rise of the self-proclaimed Caliphate.

Despite serious differences in opinion over the Ukraine and the future of the Bashar Al-Assad government in Syria, it has been revealed David Cameron had a 30-minute conversation with Vladimir Putin in which the Russian president congratulated Cameron on his election victory, and they discussed pressing global matters. The Daily Telegraph reports the men noted their work towards resolving the problem of Iranian nuclear weapons, and discussed other matters of global import.

A Downing Street spokesman said the Prime Minister remarked to Putin that “he hoped that in the years ahead, we could find other issues where the UK and Russia could work together on matters of mutual interest”.

An inability of key world leaders to agree over the best means to control the developing situation in the Levant and Middle-East has allowed the Islamic state to flourish, as various global powers back different rebel groups in the hope they will be able to stem the flow of extremist Islam. While Europe’s support for Kurdish militias – until recently considered terrorist organisations themselves and quickly rehabilitated when it became apparent they would take Western arms and fight ISIS – has angered Turkey, which considers them an existential threat, the Syrian question has caused the most friction.

While Russia has continued to support and arm the legitimate Syrian government under Ba’athist president Bashar Al-Assad, Western governments seem to be counting the days until he is overrun by the Islamic State. Cameron told Putin on the telephone that Assad “cannot be part of the solution” to ISIS.