Tory MEP Reveals Cameron’s Secret Plans and ‘Private Briefings’ on EU Exit

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Former UKIP member turned Conservative Party MEP David Campbell Bannerman has today admitted that David Cameron isn’t telling his colleagues about conversations he’s having with regards to Britain’s membership of the European Union.

Appearing on the Daily Politics programme today, Campbell Bannerman was challenged over what Mr Cameron plans to ask European partners for during his renegotiation. He replied, “A lot of it is private. We don’t know what is being discussed.”

“So you’re supporting a campaign that he’s not campaigning for?” replied BBC host Jo Coburn, to which Campbell Bannerman replied, “We don’t know what he’s actually asking for at the moment. The detail has not been set forward.”

“We’ve had private briefings by senior ministers,” he said, alluding to the fact that the public are being shut out of the process. Asked about the briefings, he refused to disclose further details, responding with: “They’re listening to what other EU nations have put forward.”