IDIOTS: Mercedes Thieves Try to Hide Stolen Car in Police Station Car Park

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They’re now being called ‘Britain’s Dumbest Criminals’, but perhaps the two men who stole a Mercedes and tried to stash it in a police station had just come across the phrase “hiding in plain sight”. 

Manchester Evening News reports that a pair of car thieves attempted entry to Middleton Police Station in Manchester at around 2am on Friday, 12 June. Apparently, the two were turning into a ramp that led to the police station car park. When they couldn’t get in, they started reversing towards an oncoming police car.  At this point, they panicked, opened the doors, and tried to make a run for it.

But they didn’t get far, and now even the police are having a laugh at their expense, posting the following message onto their Facebook page:

In the early hours of Friday 12th June 2015 a burglary occured in the Eccles area of Salford, during the course of which a motor vehicle was stolen.

A short time later officers in Middleton (some 15 miles away) were returning to the Police station. Their attention was drawn to a vehicle turning into the small cul de sac and access ramp to the underground car park of Middleton Police station. As the vehicle approached the key fob controlled security gates to the Police station, the vehicle began to reverse ……. straight towards the Police vehicle, and Police dog handler. It was at this time the occupants of the vehicle opened the doors and hot footed it away, pursued by the officers …….. and the Police dog ……. and were detained nearby.

Enquires with the vehicle left behind reveal it was the same one stolen earlier in the night in Eccles.

As is quite common practice people who steal cars hide them from the Police in underground car parks for a few days in order to avoid them being recovered to the owners.

On this occasion it would seem these offenders chose the wrong underground car park ……… ie, the POLICE STATION to try to hide the car and to compound to their poor judgement just as the officers were returning back to the station !!!!!!!!

Both males have subsequently been arrested and are awaiting interview ………. perhaps they will tell us they were wanting to repent their sins and were returning the car to the Police and to hand themselves in ……. only time will tell.

Comments on the GMP’s Facebook page range from, “Nice of them to hand the car in” to “there is no hope….. idiots!!!!!”.

We concur.