UK Terror Police on Alert as Sub-Machineguns ‘Smuggled Into Britain’

shot at member of the public
AP Photo/Sang Tan

Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has warned that weapons capable of firing 1,000 rounds per minute are being smuggled into Britain by criminal gangs as fears grow of a “copycat” attack after the Tunisia beach massacre.

More than 30 Britons are feared to have died in the attack at Sousse after an Islamist gunman fired indiscriminately at Western tourists.

Now The Times reports that police, the military and intelligence officials are to take part in a huge exercise this week to simulate their response to a similar attack in Britain.

Home Secretary Theresa May chaired a meeting of government’s “Cobra” emergency committee, saying that the operation, known as Strong Tower, will begin “in the near future”. She said security forces have “a constant job, day in and day out, of being vigilant, of monitoring these situations, of protecting us.”

Islamic State has already threatened to make the Muslim holy month of Ramadan a “calamity for kuffars” with attacks not just in Tunisia but also in Kuwait – where at least 27 people died in an attack on a mosque – and France, where an Islamist beheaded his boss before attacking a factory.

Breitbart London reported yesterday the police at Wimbledon have already stepped up security for Wimbledon this week after seizing a drone over the courts on Friday. Inspector Roger Robinson explained: “It is an offence to fly a drone within 50 metres of a structure. Anyone intending to fly a drone should give prior consideration to the surrounding landscape and any structures or venues.”

Meanwhile, Chief Superintendent Stuart Macleod added: “This year’s event will be policed to a level proportionate with the current threat level. We have worked closely in partnership with the All England Club and other partner agencies to ensure the Championships can be enjoyed by all those attending.”

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