MARGIN OF ERROR: Greece Poll Shows Referendum Result Agonisingly Close


A new opinion poll on Greece’s bailout referendum on Sunday pointed to a closely balanced result with a slight lead for the Yes vote in favor of the bailout on 44.8 percent against 43.4 percent for the No vote backed by the leftwing government.

The poll, conducted by the ALCO polling institute and published in the Ethnos newspaper on Friday, showed 11.8 percent undecided.

It also showed 74 percent wanted to remain in the euro against 15 percent, who wanted a “national currency” and 11 percent undecided.

Bloomberg reports another result taken from just a day before, where “A GPO poll cited by said 47 percent leaned toward a “yes” vote, an endorsement of austerity and the international bailout. The “no” camp, the government’s position rejecting those terms, was 43 percent. The margin of error in the survey of 1,000 people was 3.1 percentage points.”

The numbers appear to fluctuate significantly, leading most to believe that the result is too close to call, despite most Greeks appearing to want to keep the Euro, but reject the EU’s preferred bailout conditions.

Reporting from Reuters