Labour Leadership Hopeful to Speak on ‘Equality’ – At £1,400 Private Members’ Club

Andy Burnham
The Associated Press

Labour leadership favourite Andy Burnham has been attempting to sell himself as a humble man of the people to the Labour faithful.

He’s from Liverpool, and is not a member of the “the metropolitan elite,” and “[has] never been,” he told BBC radio in June – whilst also admitting that “for too long there has been a sense of a metropolitan elite at the top of the Labour party”. Oh, Really, Andy?


Lost irony, then, that the Cambridge graduate and previous “special adviser” to the Blair government will be reading “a short story about equality and justice” at the £1400 a year Soho House private members’ club (pictured above) on Tuesday night – The Spectator reports.

Hero of the proletariat Burnham, a man who once tried to claim £19.99 for an Ikea bathrobe off of the taxpayer, fights for “equality and justice” in a swanky Soho joint before an audience of his mates from the Westminster bubble.

You can’t, as they say, make this stuff up.