Is ISIS Planning Drone Attacks in the West?

Drone (Bertrand Langlois / AFP / Getty)
Bertrand Langlois / AFP / Getty

ISIS is reportedly planning drone attacks in the United Kingdom and other Western countries in a bid to ramp up their war in the name of fundamentalist Islamic theology.

The news comes via experts in the security community who have claimed that the group has already experimented with how much of an explosive payload the average drone bought online or on the high street, can carry.

The Express reports that the group “could launch a multi-drone attack carrying several bombs, even using airborne cameras to film the bloody carnage below for twisted propaganda videos”, specifically highlighting the risks around crowded areas such as football stadia, and “cultural gatherings”.

A counter-terrorism source told the media: “Islamist plotters have been trying to launch a drone-borne bomb attack for some time, as these machines are getting more hi-tech every year.

“They want the spectacular devastation of such a raid, which would cause murder and maiming in a crowd, while filming it for a sick video.

“Isis is obsessed with re-creating the horror of 9/11 and believes this may be possible by launching a multi-drone attack on large numbers of people in a synchronised attack.”

The effects, says Colonel Richard Kemp, former Commander of the British Forces in Afghanistan, could be “devastating”.

ISIS sympathisers are already parading through London unabated, with police and security services apparently reluctant to prosecute against support for the terrorist outfit which is proscribed in Britain.

British Prime Minister David Cameron recently previewed the British government’s new strategy to deal with ISIS, although his remarks seemed oddly confined to attacking student groups, and neglected to mention his own government’s support for Islamist extremists.