City Gives Migrants Free Nationwide Bus Passes


Migrants are to receive unlimited, all-lines taxpayer funded bus passes in Kalmar, Sweden.

The free tickets, which can be used for travel to any part of the country are being launched at a cost of $700,000 a year in an effort to increase ‘mobility and integration within the migrant community’, reports The local Migration Board, the government board which deals with receiving, housing, and sustaining Sweden’s blooming immigrant and refugee community is concerned some of their camps are too isolated, and the inmates would benefit from being able to visit other communities for free.

The new recipients of the state’s largesse are reportedly delighted by the free bus passes. Speaking to local media, inhabitants of the remote Helgesbo facility said:

“It means a lot to me. Now I can go from Helgesbo to Kalmar, Oskarshamn and Mönsterås whenever I want.”

“I can use the bus pass when I want. I can go to Kalmar and meet and connect with new people or go and visit friends in Blomstermåla or anywhere.”

Delighted as they may be, sudden demographic changes of bus route users have caused friction with local communities elsewhere in Europe. Breitbart London reported last year on the case of Turin’s bus network, which became a crime hotspot after one route found itself passing by the front of a newly established gypsy encampment on the edge of the city.

After passengers and drivers routinely found themselves the targets of harassment and assault by their fellow riders, the mayor of Turin called for the establishment of a parallel ‘gypsy only’ bus line. Opposition politicians railed against the notion of spending taxpayers money on creating a “bus of lawlessness”, saying instead the criminals should be forced to obey the law by police.

The pecculiar attitude of the Swedish Immigration Board towards integration of migrants has also been in the news recently. Breitbart London reported last week on a 90-capacity Swedish immigration house which had been ‘cleansed’ of Christians by its Muslim residents. The two Christian families who had been living there fled with fear for their lives after the other residents told them they were banned from wearing symbols of the cross, or from using any communal areas if there was a Muslim present.

Instead of undertaking criminal proceedings, the Immigration Board instead sent officers to the house to “provide information about Swedish law” to what the organisation admitted were “fundamentalist Islamists” living there in the hope of stopping them from doing it again.

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