Surprise Labour Leadership Frontrunner – Renationalise Swaths of Economy

Jeremy Corbyn
REUTERS/Jeff Overs/BBC/Handout

A surprise contender to lead Britain’s opposition Labour Party said on Sunday he believed swaths of the economy should be renationalised as a battle for the left-wing party’s soul prompted warnings it could split in two.

The party, which in May suffered its worst election defeat in almost three decades, is choosing a new leader it hopes can challenge Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives in 2020.

Ed Miliband, its previous leader, quit in May.

The unexpected success of Jeremy Corbyn, the most left-leaning of four leadership candidates, has dominated the contest, sparking warnings from rivals he would consign the party of triple election winner Tony Blair to “oblivion”.

Blair, in office from 1997-2007, has himself intervened to urge Labour to reject Corbyn and embrace more centrist candidates if it wants to regain power, advice dismissed by Corbyn as misguided.

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