Free Pornography for Norwegian Prisoners May be Under Threat


Norwegian prisoners have a constitutional right to unlimited porn to watch in their cells – but now the police union is calling for curbs.

Claiming that free access to pornography can harm the “peace, order and security” of the prison environment, the Norwegian Directorate for Correctional Services says their officers can feel awkward entering a cell if an inmate is in the middle of enjoying him or herself, reports

They claim searching cells for contraband can also become embarrassing if the cell is full of porn, so they at least want to put in place some limits on how much porn each inmate is allowed to keep at once. The directorate cites the popularity of ‘rape fantasy’ porn which depicts prison guards being pinned down and raped by their wards as a particular area for concern.

Prison guard union spokesman Knut Are Svenkerud said: “We also know that some inmates have had pornographic material that simulates rape of uniformed officers. We are there to do a job, but may end up in fantasies we would like to be left out of.”

Constitutional rights for prisoners is an emerging issue in many European countries. The United Kingom is presently under considerable pressure from both the United Nations and the European Union to give prisoners voting rights. Although popular with unelected multinational organisations, the concept of extending the franchise to the incarcerated remains deeply unpopular among voting Brits.

Conservative MEP Timothy Kirkhope said of the demands by the European Union:

“…prisoners forfeit their right to vote along with other freedoms when they commit the crimes that get them sent down. It is they who break their contract with society, not the other way round. That is how the vast majority of the public in Britain see things too.”

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