Czech Minister Lashes Out: ‘Inconsistent’ Germany To Blame For Europe’s Migrant Invasion

AP Photo
The Associated Press

Well, that deteriorated quickly. Last week Angela Merkel was laying down the law to Europe and saying Germany was going to welcome 800,000 migrants across its border before the end of the year. The implication was that if Germany could do that, so could everyone else.

Here we are today and Europe’s borders are crumbling with the Schengen zone in tatters. Germany has been warned to expect closer to one million inbound migrants while the rest of the EU has been told – not asked – to take some of that load or be financially punished by Berlin.

Clearly, as happened during the recent Greek financial crisis, Germany is in charge here and everyone else will just have to keep up. Some are now (finally) begging to differ though. Here is a tweet by the Czech Minister of the Interior in the cabinet of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

In translation that is: ‘Currently the biggest problem in solving migration policy is an inconsistent Germany. Even showing muscles to neighbours across the border will not hide it!’

Throwing open your national doors to everybody is not immigration policy. It is cultural suicide. Angel Merkel’s the cause of that and now the rest of the EU is starting to realise it too.

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