Jon Gaunt: BBC’s Stephen Nolan Is A ‘Fat Boy, Pompous Pr*ck’

Stephen Nolan

Following the deluge of complaints received by the BBC’s Stephen Nolan over his clearly biased coverage of the European migrant crisis, the publicly-funded broadcaster refused to debate Breitbart London‘s Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam, and has now incurred the wrath of the infamous radio personality Jon Gaunt.

Gaunt, who is launching his new radio station in just a few weeks’ time, took to his podcast yesterday to slam Nolan as a “fatboy” and a “pompous prick”, dedicated an entire 54-minute long podcast to the issue.

He replayed clips from Nolan’s BBC Radio 5 Live show, where the presenter abused callers over their belief that Britain shouldn’t allow unlimited numbers of migrants into the United Kingdom. Polling from YouGov suggests that this stance chimes with the plurality of British public opinion on the crisis, but Nolan used his BBC-funded platform to attack that mindset, accusing callers of being heartless for their stance.

Gaunt’s approach to the issue was simple: Nolan shouldn’t be sacked for his bias, but the BBC should perhaps consider scrapping “phone-ins” where the host of the show is required to play devil’s advocate against the caller. Nolan, though taking up the opposition to the caller in the debate, furiously defended his own statements the day after, proving that he wasn’t simply trying to spur debate on the issue, but rather, to shut it down.

“Four major polls in this country say the British public do not want these migrants,” said Gaunt. “They consider them to be economic migrants on the whole, not refugees”.

He continued, “He’s lying, Nolan is lying. The BBC is lying. And they are taking the British public for mugs.”

You can listen to the full podcast below, or go to Jon Gaunt’s website to listen:

Gaunt was formerly a radio host for a number of “mainstream” outlets before being “exiled” for his forthright views.