Zionist Shoe Theft Victim Says He’s Leaving Britain, ‘Muslims Not Giving Me Money To Fight Islamophobia’


Asghar Bukhari, proud Islamist and founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK), has said he is leaving the UK for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) because British Muslim aren’t giving him enough money, and “won’t fight for themselves” against “Islamophobia.”

In a Facebook post entitled, “I AM LEAVING THE UK & HANGING UP THE GLOVES” the MPACUK spokesman writes: “I am leaving the UK for a few years. I thought about it long and hard. Some Muslims are waking up, but most are still unwilling to help those defending them – in any real tangible way.”

In the post, Bukhari argues that Islamophobia is a well-funded industry, and British Muslims are unwilling to finance institutions such as his to fight against it.

Bukhari, who regularly bemoans fellow Muslims form not being “political enough” on social media, became the British media’s pet Islamists for a number of years with regular appearances on TV and radio – particularly on BBC.

However, he began to lose favor with the media after he was exposed to be donating money to the notorious Holocaust denying historian David Irving, was perceived by some as justifying the motives behind the killing of Lee Rigby, and allegedly set up an anonymous Twitter account to throw homophobic abuse at journalist Douglas Murray.

His recent posts on Twitter have included memes mocking people who commemorated 9/11, and others expressing his support for Jeremy Corbyn.

The height of his fame, however, came when he accused “Zionists” of stealing his shoes.

He wrote in the Facebook post: “MPACUK is probably the most strategic, smartest organisation Muslims have in the UK – and we run on £700 a month.”

“We can’t pay one full time staff member, get an office with that – we work when we get home after a full day, or we simply go part time and earn less so that we can fight for our people – I gave up my career to fight the cause for nothing – free.

“I realised that you can’t fight for a people who won’t fight for themselves. You can only fight WITH people. Many of my brothers and sisters would give our lives, go to prison for our Muslim brothers if that’s what it took – but personally – I’m not going to fight for a people who don’t have it in them to want to live as equal citizens – Muslims like to moan, but do nothing.”

Adding: “For Muslims it’s always someone else’s fault, or someone else should do something better (usually blaming me for the ‘way I’m doing things’), never looking at what they themselves need to do to make anything happen.

“And all those who criticise me – look at what they have actually done to defend anyone but themselves. Brave against me – cowards against the enemy…

“Fighters don’t need advice, they need resources – volunteers and money and after fighting for 15 long years – I realise Muslims don’t give either. So my time defending them is over. When and if they are awake enough to want their equality, I might fly back and join them – Allah knows best what the future holds.”

Bukhari says that once he’s left the UK, he will “learn how to be a father again – and close my eyes to nightmare I know is coming to Muslims in the UK – because trust me, I swear by all the sense Allah has given me – something awful is coming.”