WATCH: ‘They Are Rich, They Are Safe!’ Emotional Syrian Blasts Fraudsters Pretending To Be Refugees

Angry Syrian
24UR Video

A Syrian immigrant stuck in Croatia told Slovenian journalists that “extremely violent” Iraqi and Afghan men were pushing their way onto trains on their way to Western Europe, crowding out families with young children.

Making his emotional plea to the camera crew of Slovenian news programme 24UR, the unnamed Syrian man said the government should pass laws to ensure Syrians got quick passage to Western Europe. Gesturing to a passenger train being loaded with migrants in the Serbia-Croatia border town of Tovarnik, he accused most of those being allowed to board of being frauds, telling the crew most of the men were “extremely violent”, he said:

Police with pepper spray attempted to prevent a stampede onto this train at Croatian border town Tovarnik yesterday / Getty

“Please, you ask the Croatian government to arrange another rule for us Syrians. Most of these guys are coming from Afghanistan and Iraq. The families are here, families that deserve asylum. They are pushing us, they are not allowing us to go to the train. We have old men, small children, and they are not allowing us to go to the train.

“These guys are not coming from Syria. Most of these guys are coming from Iraq. They are rich, they are safe, they have no problems. They are coming and taking our places, and pushing us… look at our women cry… these guys coming from Iraq and Afghanistan, not a Syrian in sight… these guys are claiming to be Syrians, and are taking our places”

A rapidly growing element of the Europe migrant crisis is the issue of fraudulent asylum seekers, where thousands falsify their personal circumstances to increase their chances of being accepted by European governments. Breitbart reported last week on the admission of the German government that “Almost without exception, every refugee pretends to be a Syrian when in fact, many come from other countries, even from sub-Saharan Africa”. One police officer said “All [the migrants] present themselves as Syrian… even if they are obviously black Africans”.

Swedish politician Kent Ekeroth thought the problem of migrants lying about their nationality to gain access to Europe was so severe those who had already been awarded leave to remain should be re-investigated. He told Breitbart London last week in addition to making extra checks on the backgrounds of migrants, his native Sweden should also close the borders immediately and ban the building of new mosques.

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