Migration Crisis: We’re Being Conned By The BBC And David Cameron

Migration Crisis

The government does not know how many migrants are coming to our shores. A Labour MP wants to see our beloved country ‘saturated‘ with migrants and her leadership wants open borders. As for the soppy Lib/Dems they just go with whatever sounds good for the media, and currently they’re jumping on the sob stories.

These sob stories from the European Union (EU)-loving media, particularly the BBC, are designed to ensure any concerns raised about allowing these migrants coming here result in cries of racism. This is despite the whole debate being about the numbers involved, not where people come from.

I have carefully avoided calling the influx ‘refugees’ because as anyone with half a brain knows that most are economic migrants. This has been proved time and again as they pick and choose a place to settle, benefit havens being the priority rather than safe havens.

I don’t blame the migrants for trying as lets face it, who would not be tempted by the guarantee of free homes, schools, health and cash. The system and the establishment are at fault as they allow this and therefore are actually encouraging people to risk life and limb on the boats to get here. Also it is these economic migrants, aided and abetted by the EU and the Conservative and Labour parties here, causing hardship to genuine refugees and to our own hard-pressed tax payer.  If they were filtered out from the word go, then the genuine refugees would have access to the help they need quickly.

I am a Lincolnshire County Councillor. We recently held a vote on our policy regarding the migrants. Labour put a motion forward which in effect ensured that anyone voting against it was to be derided as a heartless monster, with the favourite mantra of racism thrown in. There was an amendment put by our UKIP group and when the vote was taken, the Labour motion was rejected and the result was that help should be given to genuine refugees.

We were assured that only 200 Syrian migrants were allocated to Lincolnshire, but the actual numbers could not be confirmed. Why? Because every migrant allowed to settle here can bring their extended families. We also know that many are not from Syria, but have passed themselves off as Syrians, even to the extent of buying bogus passports.

“Call me Dave” [Cameron], keeps allowing more and more to come here. First it was none, then 2,000, then 4,000, now 20,000 and no doubt to appease Chancellor Merkel, he will agree to more.  This is on top of the 330,000 net migration figure the government allowed in last year.

At the Council, I voted to only allow genuine refugees here, but was still uncomfortable with the fact that I feel we are being conned as the checks are not adequate. Being descended from Huguenot refugees, I really do think it is important that those who are genuinely persecuted do get help.

The trouble is due to the screaming headlines with children and babies shoved in front of the BBC cameras, we are being conned. Most of the migrants are young men, not helpless families.

Are we importing death? It is said that some of the migrants may be ISIS terrorists. Why are we importing economic migrants who fill homes which our own people on housing lists need? These young men should be sorting their own countries out. Besides, if there is genuine persecution, surely they would take their families with them and not leave them to their fate?

I am concerned that we cannot keep going like this. The EU is very much to blame as Mrs Merkel invites hundreds of thousands over to settle, without a thought for the implications for our own people.

Successive governments here, Labour and Conservative, have aided and abetted the influx whilst talking tough on numbers at election time. Just what will our country be like in 20 years time? 

How will we survive with limited space, resources and infrastructure?

The only party leader to speak sense on this issue is Nigel Farage, but as we know the electorate were spun again by Lib/Lab/Con ensuring UKIP got just one seat despite getting four million votes.

Charity begins at home and our own are using food banks and are on housing lists.

There are many other safe countries around to take genuine refugees yet still the government invite them here. The only way to stop this is to get back control of our borders by leaving the EU.  And as the Prime Minister and his cronies cannot be relied upon to carry out a NO result getting us out of the EU, then in 2020 the voters will have only one choice. Nigel Farage and UKIP.