Illegal Immigrant Demanding To Be Returned Home Has Plea Ignored As He’s Stayed Too Long


An Iranian man who entered Britain illegally has told the police that he wants to be deported as Manchester is full of rude, violent people. But rather than assisting him in his goal, the police found that he was now legally permitted to be in the country having stayed so long. Consequently they turfed him back on to the streets, writing the episode off as “strange”.

Arash Aria, 25, entered a police station in Manchester city centre to turn himself in, informing officers that he had been in the country illegally for 10 years. Angry, agitated and throwing a mountain bike around he was initially arrested while officers looked into his case.

But when they checked with the Home Office they found that Mr Aria had been in the country for so long he was now considered to be legally domiciled. As a result, they had no option but to “de-arrest” him and send him on his way.

A little known loophole introduced by the Labour government in 2003 grants illegal immigrants the right to stay in the UK if they go undetected for fourteen years. Those who entered the country on visas which do not normally carry settlement rights, such as a student visa, only have to wait ten years.

In Mr Aria’s case the fact that he was a minor when he entered the country may explain his residency, as minors legally become the responsibility of local councils when they arrive.

Detective Sergeant David Henshall was on duty at the time of the incident, tweeting about it using a Greater Manchester Police account. He said that Mr Aria began “shouting and screaming” at the front desk.


“It’s was a strange case – that’s why I tweeted about it, considering everything that’s going on with the refugees at the moment,” said Det Sgt Henshall.

“I got a call from the staff downstairs at the front desk who said he was being aggressive and throwing his bike around so I went down to help. He was very angry and just kept saying how much he hated Manchester. He didn’t look drunk – I didn’t smell any alcohol on him – he just seemed very angry.

“We tried to ask him what the catalyst was but he just kept saying he had been here 10 years and he hated it. Maybe he just wanted a free flight home, I’m just not sure. He didn’t look like he was sleeping rough. He was wearing nice clothes and came in with this expensive mountain bike which he kept throwing on the floor.”

Mr Aria was locked in cells for several hours for suspected breach of the peace, but was later released without charge. Officers tweeted that he would have to find his own way home.

“He came back on Tuesday to collect his bike and he didn’t apologise to anyone but he did say he was feeling better,” Det sgt Henshall added.

Mr Aria, who lives in a tower block in central Manchester has told the Telegraph that his shouting was due to feelings of frustration and anger, having failed to find permanent work or fit in in his adopted city.

“The people of Manchester have not been welcoming,” he said. “It’s words, violence, many things. I try to ignore people but I’m fed up now. I don’t get the respect I should here. People are not friendly here in Manchester.

“When they are rude to me, I don’t like it. Particularly in the last year it’s got really bad. I try to be friendly and polite. But they just laugh at me because I am foreign and look at me strangely.”

He added that he was currently on benefits having failed to find work, which was contributing to his feelings of resentment and depression.

“I am not working right now. I used to work as a waiter and a barman but now people won’t give me shifts – for no reason. It’s affecting my head, my dreams and the way I think.

“I am on benefits but I don’t want that. I am in full health, I want to work. Everyone wants to work, to have a dream but I can’t achieve my dreams here. I want to try and do something with my life. I want to get a good job, save money and do something big – be somebody.”

He said that he was currently in limbo, having sent his documents to the Home Office as his Iranian passport has expired. “I want to go back to my city Shiraz, in south-west Iran. My aunt and my family will look after me there because my mother will stay here in England,” he said.

“I am just waiting for my passport to come through and then I will book my flights and start my life out there.”

A spokesman for the Iranian Embassy in London, who declined to be named, said Mr Aria would be offered consular assistance to return to Iran if he got in touch.

“We have not been informed about this case but if the man concerned is a citizen of Iran we will be able to make sure he is issued with a valid passport.

“We will be able to ensure he is able to return to our country. We will need to interview him and receive various information from him before a decision is made.

He added: “We may be able to offer financial assistance to allow him to return to Iran.”


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