UKIP Releases Cameron Renegotiation Attack Ad Ahead Of Tory Leader’s Conference Speech

Cameron Renegotiation

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has this morning released a video entitled, “Cameron Renegotiation Con” (#CamsCon) hours ahead of Prime Minister David Cameron’s leader’s speech to his party conference today.

The video (below) can be found at, accompanied by the hashtag #CamsCon – which UKIP hopes will trend during the leader’s speech in Manchester today.

It highlights the various failures of Mr Cameron in his ongoing renegotiation with the European Union (EU), including, as reported by Breitbart London, his caving to the £1.7bn bill from the EU that he originally slated as “not acceptable”.

UKIP also takes aim at the Prime Minister’s net migration target of “tens of thousands” – which has not only been missed, but has increased to 330,000 in the latest figures.

The Cameron renegotiation is already said to be in tatters, as the European Court of Justice yesterday undermined the ability for national parliaments to set their own standards for prisoners’ voting rights, and after it became clear that the Prime Minister’s aides were “not even pretending” the renegotiation was real.