Corbyn Campaign Staff Behind Anarchist Campaign Labelling Queen A ‘Vampiyah’

Corbyn Campaign

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is under fire again today, this time for apparently snubbing Her Majesty The Queen’s invitation to Privy Council – the Queen’s group of advisors of which the leader of the opposition is traditionally a part.

But the news seems to have shocked the mainstream media, when it really shouldn’t.

dontvotergb-01If you look at who Mr Corbyn had around him during his campaign for the party leadership, alongside his long-standing support for Irish republicanism, and activism against the Monarchy – it should come as no surprise.

No more pertinent an example can exist than that of James Kenny, who provided audiovisual skills to the official Corbyn campaign for Labour leader.

Kenny is now credited on the People’s Momentum website – which describes itself as the next step in the campaign to make Jeremy Corbyn Britain’s Prime Minister.

The website, though not run from Labour HQ, appears to be run by Corbyn’s own campaign staff, and Kenny is listed as the videographer for the site’s main promotional clip.

Kenny’s website however reveals his bizarre, left-wing “anarchist” politics. He’s worked for anarchist statist magazine Strike!, and claims responsibility for their “Don’t Vote” campaign, which seems an odd way to try and get Mr Corbyn elected as Prime Minister.

But more disturbingly, he appears to be behind the “Dem A Vampiyah” campaign which uses a picture of Queen Elizabeth, photoshopped to make it look like she has vampire fangs. It is not known whether Strike mag and Kenny believe this to be comedic, cutting political discourse, or both.

The slogan “dem a Vampiyah” appears to come from a Reggae Hall song “Dem A Murderer” by Barrington Levy, who was arrested on suspicion of actual bodily harm in 2010.

Kenny has tweeted about how proud he is to have worked alongside Shadow Labour Chancellor John McDonnell on something called the “People’s Parliament” campaign, which appears to have mostly been about retweeting Strike magazine.

He has also tweeted an anti-Semitic image of Benjamin Netanyahu morphed into Adolf Hitler: