EU Ministers Agree: No Airport-Style Security On Trains

airport-style security on trains

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Lengthy airport-style security measures will not be introduced on high-speed international rail lines, EU transport ministers agreed on Thursday, but train staff should get more training to be prepared for possible attacks.

Meeting in Luxembourg for the first time since a foiled attack on a high speed train in France in August, ministers discussed ways of strengthening security on international lines without introducing the stringent checks in force at airports.

Rail security came under scrutiny after passengers disarmed a gunman on the Amsterdam-Paris Thalys train.

Ministers agreed train staff should receive additional training and contingency plans should be put in place.

“Member states need to take action according to the risk,” said Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc. “We should not use the aviation approach for rail.”

The European Commission, whose remit on transport safety covers maritime and air travel but not railways, will launch a study on the consequences of the measures discussed on Thursday, Bulc said.

In addition, European Union countries will start sharing information on best practices for dealing with attacks such as the one in August.