Sweden Democrats Will Put Adverts In Foreign Newspapers Telling Migrants To Stay Away

Sweden Democrats Anti-Begging Ad

Anti-mass immigration, Eurosceptic party the Sweden Democrats is to launch a series of anti-refugee ads in the foreign press in an effort to counter the efforts of their own government.

Frustrated by the enthusiastic welcome of the present grand-coalition ruling Sweden to all the people of the world, the Sweden Democrats (SD) are taking inspiration from neighbouring Denmark and launching a propaganda campaign to discourage migration, reports TheLocal.se.

Launching the campaign this week, party leader Jimmie Åkesson said: “We want, through advertisements in foreign newspapers, to describe that the utopia they want to come to in Sweden no longer exists. Here, it’s tent camps, winter and cold.”

In Denmark, the new right-wing government elected this year has wasted no time in discouraging migration, cutting benefits to foreigners and launching full-page advertisements in newspapers abroad to advertise this fact. Although the move did spark some counter-protests by left wing groups who took out adverts of their own begging migrants to keep coming, the policy does seem to have had some effect. Rather than staying in Denmark, where it was becoming increasingly clear they were not welcome, many migrants continued north to Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

This is not the first time the Sweden Democrats have used creative advertising to their benefit. Breitbart London reported on a major poster campaign ostensibly aimed at tourists in August which apologised for the state of the country as a result of mass migration. The posters, which went up in railway stations but were very soon vandalised by leftist protesters read:

“Sorry about the mess here in Sweden, we have a serious problem with forced begging… our government won’t do what’s needed, but we will! And we’re growing at record speed! :)”.

Speaking in an interview this morning and possibly anticipating a snap election as the coalition agreement that allows Sweden’s minority left party to govern stands ready to collapse, Mr. Åkesson laid out his stall this morning. Arguing Sweden, that is now struggling to find beds for the thousands arriving at its borders weekly, is now completely full Mr. Åkesson said:

“My message to these people is that Sweden can not take you. The absolute majority, if not all, of those seeking asylum in Sweden don’t have Sweden as their first safe country. They come from Germany and they come from Denmark. And they came to those countries from other countries”.

He said he wanted to now see a complete ban on asylum applications to the country. To make this happen, he also signalled his awareness that Sweden’s relationship with the European Union had to change as well: “We want permanent border controls and we’re opposed to free movement within the EU. Sweden must be a sovereign state. It is clear that we must have a trade cooperation with other countries in our region, but, no, I don’t want Sweden to be a full member of the EU”.

These comments closely follow those of party colleague Kent Ekeroth, made to Breitbart London in an exclusive interview last month, when he said the nations borders should be closed immediately to give breathing space to those already arrived, and to encourage integration.

On this subject he went further, citing concerns about fake refugees lying about their place of origin, or using political persecution as a means to mask their true status as economic migrants. Those found to be liars should sent home, and others should be encouraged to leave of their own free will. He said:

“Sweden should increase the money people receive for returning to their own countries. And I mean to increase it a lot – at the moment it is hardly used. In my opinion, we should pay people thousands to go home. It’s cheaper for the Swedish taxpayer that way, and it is better for Sweden long term so we can live in a society in which we feel at home. It is worth it economically and socially”.

Sweden Democrats are now the third largest party in the country, but are locked out of government by the other parties which last year signed an agreement to support a minority left party in ruling the country. The SD are prevented from attending government meetings where asylum policy is discussed, but they may soon have their revenge. Recent polls put the party at number one, raising the prospect of Sweden voting in a traditional ethno-nationalist government at the next election.

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