WATCH: Sky News Airs 7-Minute Pro-Terrorist Puff Piece After Israeli Civilians Are Indiscriminately Stabbed And Killed

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The increasingly left-wing Sky News this weekend aired a seven minute long pro-terrorist propaganda piece seeking to provide views and air cover for pro-Palestinian activists who ostensibly support the indiscriminate stabbings of Israeli citizens. 

Beginning the segment with a report from Sherine Tadros, formerly of the Al-Arabiya network, Sky underwent a journey of Al-Jazeeraisation over the course of the piece, with former Al Jazeera reporter Ms. Tadros repeatedly stressing the “occupied” part of the Palestinian territories she discussed.

Furthermore, Ms. Tadros criticised the Israeli security forces for using rubber bullets and tear gas against “activists” throwing rocks, and using slingshots to assault Israelis – bizarrely implying that they should have responded in kind.

Then, unchallenged airtime was given to the Deputy leader of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), which itself campaigns for an eradication of the State of Israel, home to around six million Jews, and two million Arabs. The PSC’s logo is the whole of Israel and the Palestinian territories draped in the Palestinian flag. The Harry’s Place blog has repeatedly pointed out the links between the PSC and terrorist group Hamas.

Bizarrely, Sky News aired incitement and defence of terrorism live on television, with the PSC spokesman Kamel Hawwash excusing the killings of Israelis.

He said: “If on the streets of the UK you saw someone attack another person and the only response if you kill him first, people would be appalled here.”

Mr. Hawwash was obviously unaware of the similarity of the terrorist attacks to that of Drummer Lee Rigby, who was stabbed by Islamist terrorists on the streets of London in May 2013.

He continued: “If every time this happened anyone the first thing you do is kill them then society would disintegrate into the law of the jungle.”

Logically, therefore, he called for terrorists to be allowed to kill people before being accosted and tried by police, though Israeli security services have been pre-empting and therefore stopping terror attacks on their soil by killing those who made it clear they were about to perform an atrocity.

He then, without any hint of irony, blamed “Israeli society” for electing Benjamin Netanyahu and said: “Israeli society has moved to extremism.

Sky’s interviewer, Alex Rossi, “stressed” that the protest in London this weekend was “peaceful” despite people indulging and excusing terrorism.