Britain’s ‘Negligent’ Prison Authorities Expose Targets To Islamist Violence

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS - APRIL 19: Bosnian general Radislav Krstic arrives at the War Crimes Tribunal April 19, 2004 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Krstic, convicted of genocide and sentenced to a 46-year sentence, is in court to hear the result of his appeal.
Michel Porro/Getty Images

A man whose throat was slashed by Islamic extremists in jail has been awarded £50,000 in damages after a judge said British prison authorities were negligent in their duty to protect the prisoner, who is an obvious target of Islamist violence.

After the first brutal attack in HMP Wakefield, he was moved to HMP Woodhill, a prison even more renowned for violent Islamic extremism. Here he was attacked again.

Radislav Krstić (pictured above) was serving 35 years for war crimes committed in connection with the killing of Muslim Bosniak prisoners of war during the Srebrenica massacre of 1995.

Last week Judge Antonio Bueno QC told a court: “His involvement in the Srebrenica massacre had gained notoriety throughout the prison; his throat was cut by three murderous Muslim fellow prisoners,” The Guardian reports.

In 2010 the three Islamic extremists – Indrit Krasniqi, Ilyas Khalid and Quam Ogumbiyi – attacked him in his cell. The men, one of whom is believed to be a Bosniak Muslim, slashed him with a razor blade and left him for dead.

The court heard how the attackers – who were all convicted of causing grievous bodily harm with intent in 2011 – were housed in the same unit as Krstić despite being described as “very dangerous” and “known to be violent criminals with extremist views”.

Judge Bueno said: “[Mr. Krstić] was fortunate to escape with his life. After this, there were other but less serious incidents at HMP Long Lartin and HMP Woodhill, to which institutions he was successively transferred, of which complaint is also made in these proceedings.”

Shortly after the razor blade attack Mr. Krstić, an amputee, was moved to HMP Woodhill, where he claims little protection was offered and a Muslim inmate “kicked him in his remaining leg.”

The Judge said HMP Wakefield, “lacked the appropriate facilities to ensure [Krstić’s] care by preventing him from being brought into contact with very dangerous prisoners with obvious motives for harming him”.

He said the incident “caused HM government serious embarrassment because of its perceived failure to house Mr. Krstić to the standards required.”

The pattern follows that described by Tommy Robinson, the ex-leader of the English Defence League, who told Breitbart London that he overheard conversations at HMP Peterborough indicating he would be deliberately placed with violent Islamic extremists.

“I’m going to get killed if you put me on there,” he protested, before being moved to the wing “full of Islamic extremists” where he was indeed involved in fights, losing teeth and requiring stitches in his head.

“I [later] landed in Woodhill,” said Robinson, “which is a maximum-security prison housing the countries most feared terrorists. I was in for the crime of mortgage fraud, for which I should have gone to an open prison.”

He says prison authorities again attempted put him on a wing with a concentrated number of Muslim extremists, which he resisted. An officer later told him: “You were getting set up to be killed,” claims Robinson.

“I’m in no doubt strings are being pulled to put my life in danger,” he said. “There can be no other explanation for it, because this is not standard protocol or procedure for someone of high profile like me who they know.”