Watch: ‘Doctor Zhivago’ Gets 4K Digital Restoration and Re-Release for 50th Anniversary

Doctor Zhivago is headed back to the big screen for the first time in fifty years in a new digitally-restored format.

Director David Lean’s legendary epic, which won five Oscars upon its release in 1965, is getting a 4K digital restoration and re-release to cinemas in the United Kingdom, courtesy of the British Film Institute, to coincide with the film’s 50th anniversary.

To celebrate, BFI has released a new trailer for the film; and it looks spectacular, with deep, vivid colors and improved sound.

Doctor Zhivago’s re-release comes just months after the film’s star, Omar Sharif, passed away at age 83.

The film hits theaters across the UK on November 27. It will reportedly be shown in its original uncut 200-minute runtime.

Check out the new trailer above.