No Expense Spared: Slovenia Builds Temporary Railway, Lays On Extra Trains To Get Migrants Into Europe

AFP PHOTO / Jure Makovec

Although many Balkan countries have done little to secure their own borders, they are doing all they can to help the flow of migrants to western Europe transit through as quickly as possible.

Since Hungary closed their own borders to Croatia and Serbia earlier this month, the route through Croatia and Slovenia has become one of the main points of entry to the European Union from the Balkans. The governments of these nations are fully aware that the hundreds of thousands that enter their borders illegally every month have no intention of staying, and are merely on their way to nations such as Germany and Sweden, and so have resolved to make the journey as painless as possible.

Reports this week indicate that Slovenia is not just using the railways to move migrants to the Austrian border cleanly and efficiently, but it has even gone as far as building new railway infrastructure to facilitate it.


Serbian rail engineers build the temporary migrant platform – the whole project was completed in just three days / AFP PHOTO / JURE MAKOVEC

Until now, migrants being helped north by the Slovenian state would de-train at the last station before the Austrian border, before walking through the town of Šentilj for half a mile to reach Austria. This is an arrangement which has angered the people of Šentilj, who have argued that having thousands of migrants walking through the small town every day.

The constant through-flow of people has meant the town’s market has been suspended, forced road closures, and significant traffic hold-ups.

Now, the specially timetabled migrant trains can go right up to the border before disgorging their human cargo, as a brand new platform beyond the town allows migrants to easily step off and right over into Austria.

The first train to call at the new platform arrived this morning, carrying over 800 people destined for Western Europe, reports Slovenia’s Zurnal24. There is no sign that the flow of refugees is yet to start slowing, either — 24UR reports “several” more trains of refugees crossed the border from Croatia into southern Slovenia just yesterday, carrying at least 6,000 migrants between them.

In building a new railway station just so the inhabitants of one 2,600 resident town could enjoy some peace and quiet, the Slovenian government has shown remarkable consideration towards its own citizens, compared to some European nations.

In Sweden, the government has grown so determined natives have no say or right of complaint about migrants and ‘refugees’ being forced upon their communities, the locations of new asylum centres are being kept secret.

In Germany, after locals burnt down a building due to be converted to an asylum centre the mayor expressed his disgust at their action, but had his revenge. He said locals would have to house migrants in their own homes, instead.

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