BREITBART RADIO: BBC Smears Trump, Raheem Kassam Discusses With Stephen K. Bannon


Breitbart London’s editor in chief Raheem Kassam joined the company’s Executive Chairman live on Sirius XM Patriot 125 this morning to discuss the BBC’s coverage of U.S. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. The BBC’s coverage included mockery, fear-mongering, and even an allusion to Nazi Germany vis a vis Mr. Trump plans to deport illegal immigrants.

From Breitbart London, earlier:

Yesterday, Sweden Democrats MP Kent Ekeroth took to the pages of Breitbart London to slam the BBC over its political bias in portraying the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats as a “Neo Nazi” party. Now the publicly funded broadcaster, arguably the most influential in the world, has turned its guns on U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, in an article entitled: “Donald Trump wants to deport every single illegal immigrant – could he?”

Viewers of the Republican presidential debate on Tuesday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will be aware of the fiery exchange between Gov. Jeb Bush, who ostensibly wants to do very little about the “12 million” illegal immigrants in the United States, and Donald Trump, who wants to see a policy of repatriation, and a preference for legal immigrants.

But the BBC’s report – which coincided with a Newsnight video hit job – begins: “US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to deport every illegal immigrant from the United States. The other Republican candidates say it can’t be done – one called it a “silly argument”.”

The corporation, which has been the subject of investigations for anti-Israel bias, as well as on the receiving end of accusations of left-wing political bias in the United Kingdom, leans heavily on the testimony of the ‘Center For American Progress’ – avowedly left wing, pro-mass migration organisation run by a former Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton employee. The organisation enjoys the financial support of the left-leaning Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates.