Evacuation At Nuremberg Palace After ‘Suspicious Package’ Bomb Fear

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AP Photo/Frank Augstein

The area around Nuremberg’s Palace of Justice was cleared this morning by German police after a suspicious package was found.


Nuremberg’s Palace of Justice from the air / Wikimedia Photo

Specialists were called to the palace, reports Focus.de, while residents and offices within a 300 meter (330 yard) radius were ordered by police loud-hailer to evacuate.

A police spokesman has said the palace, which was the venue for the 1945-49 Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals has been successfully evacuated. A large office complex and surrounding streets have been closed off by officers.

The all-clear was given at 1330 local time after German bomb experts were given an opportunity to examine the device, however significant traffic delays caused by one of the city’s main streets being closed were taking time to clear.

Although no solid details about the nature of the package have yet been given, the shut down and disruption to ordinary life of workers and residents in Nuremberg is emblematic of the heightened state of tension and alert across Europe in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. Brussels schools have only today re-opened after the Belgian capital spent four days on the highest level of terror alert, placing the city into complete lock-down.

The bomb alarm at the legal centre of Nuremberg comes just hours after the bomb disposal squad was deployed to the police headquarters of the city of Luleå, Sweden. A box with Arabic writing on was discovered outside the police station in the early hours, and a police cordon was set up around it.

As the force took the threat of the box seriously the exclusion zone was extended, with nearby residents being told to stay indoors. Although the bomb squad is on the scene they have not yet started the disposal of the box, reports Afton Bladet.