Daily Mail On The Migrant Crisis: ‘Migrant Blunder Is Splitting Germany In Two’, Migrants Importing Anti-Semitism


Migrant Crisis: The pretty spa town beside a winding river is getting ready for Christmas. A Santa Claus statue stands near the main square, tinsel decorates shop windows and at medieval St Paul’s Church carols will soon be sung by enthusiastic worshippers.

A stroll from this festive scene in Bad Kreuznach in Germany, 33-year-old Aline runs an estate agency, letting out houses and flats from a smart office. A few weeks ago she received a call from a man who, in faltering German, said that a newly arrived Syrian migrant family was looking for a home.

Aline agreed to show the family an empty four-bedroom apartment but, when she arrived at the address, the group of three men, a veiled woman and a gaggle of children suddenly said they had ‘no interest’ in viewing the place.

The reason? Apparently, they had taken against her for being female. Aline, a blonde and confident businesswoman, had also made eye contact with one of the men. With that, the Syrians asked for a male estate agent.

‘It was quite shocking to me,’ says Aline. ‘I was really upset. You want to help, then you’re sent away unwanted in your own country.’ After writing of her experience on Facebook, she received two death threats calling her a ‘Nazi bitch’. They were not posted by migrants, but by Germans claiming she was racist for criticising migrants.

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