Spain: Police Arrest Moroccan They Say Planned To Join Islamic State In Syria

A photo posted on internet on April 7, 2015 shows ISIS or Daesh (Daech) or "Islamic State" group militants posing in Yarmouk (Yarmuk) Palestinian camp, located in a suburb of Damascus, Syria, that is partially now under their control. Photo by Balkis Press/Sipa USA
AP File Photo: Balkis Press/Sipa USA

MADRID (AP) — Spain’s Interior Ministry says police have arrested a Moroccan who was preparing to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State (IS) group.

A ministry statement Tuesday said the 32-year-old man used his restaurant in the northern city of Pamplona to show and distribute IS videos and photographs. He also worked to recruit militants to travel to Syria for the group.

The statement said police suspicions of the man’s radicalisation were raised when he recently began changing his behaviour, appearance and circle of friends.

Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz said Monday that police have arrested 90 suspected Islamic extremists so far this year in Spain and more than 600 since the 2004 train bombings in Madrid that killed 191 people and injured nearly 2,000.