VIDEO: German Roadways Trashed By Migrants

A new video has emerged from Germany, purporting to reveal the state in which one of the country’s roadways was left after migrants passed through.

The video (above) reveals the “mountains of debris after the refugees walked [through]” and it perhaps a microcosm of the wider issues Germany faces after allowing over one million migrants to arrive and submit asylum applications this year.

Originally, German policymakers believed that the cost of the migrant invasion could cost tax payers up to half a billion euros in clean up costs, integration programmes, work programmes, and new security measures.

But French and German ministers soon revised this number, as the scale of the crisis became clear, discussing instead a €10bn migrant fund to pay for tighter security, external border controls and care of refugees.

The video surfaced on YouTube this weekend, attracting over 40,000 views. Though its location is unspecified, online commenters have jumped to blame Time Magazine’s Person of the Year – Angela Merkel – for the ruination of the highway.

“Its all far enough away from Merkel, behind her bulletproof windows and armed guards for it not to matter to the stupid c**t,” remarked YouTube user David Gray.

Whereas user fractal_force was a lot shorter with his comments, simply remarking: “Merkel sucks”.

While Mrs. Merkel has experienced a sharp decline in the polls in Germany, she still enjoys the backing of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party. She receive a seven minute standing ovation from the audience at the CDU conference this weekend, though her rhetoric about the migrant crisis had notably changed.

Though Mrs. Merkel invoked her usual “We can do it!” calls to help all migrants, she also said she wanted to “drastically decrease” the numbers coming to Germany.

Mrs. Merkel also repeated her long-standing stance on multiculturalism, claiming the philosophy was a “grand delusion”.