WATCH: Anger After Young Children Shown Brutal Pro-Migration Propaganda At School

A fictionalised civil war in Austria with mocked-up news reports and a child being shot by militants is being shown to pupils in junior schools to children will learn to be more accepting of migrants.

Parents are protesting after children were inducted into a ‘refugee club’ at school, given a talk presenting only the positive aspects of accepting asylum seekers and migrants, and shown a graphic film.

Transposing middle Eastern conflict into central Europe, short film The Refugee In You is intended to encourage children to imagine themselves as refugees by showing a middle class Austrian family fleeing a war in Vienna.

Firstly showing scenes of ordinary life for a young boy in Austria. Then the film cuts to an alternate reality where he is the subject of bullying from his peers who seek to prevent him from playing football and victimise him in the classroom. Once the boy and his mother hear radio and television reports of fighting breaking out and a state of emergency being declared on the streets of Vienna they attempt to flee the city, which has become a mass of smoke and rushing medics.

The boy is then cut down by machine gun fire as mortars fall around.

The film has angered parents of children who were shown the footage and sat through an accompanying lecture which presented the message that all refugees should be welcome, reports Die Krone. One father who watched the film said it was “absolutely not suitable for six to ten year olds”.

Responding to criticism, the city council said the “refugee club” shouldn’t have made the presentation. A spokesman said “Politics, no matter from which side, has no place in the elementary school”.

This is not the first time the minds of children have been co-opted by activists in the move to force mass migration in Europe. Breitbart London reported last year on a German government funded film for children which portrayed the PEGIDA strolling movement as hateful and violent. Using bright colours and cartoons the film and accompanying website explained that opponents of mass migration were predominantly unemployed, poor, and angry.

An explanatory page on the site about PEGIDA also included a picture of Adolph Hitler.

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