Carswell Leaks To Mail On Sunday, Slammed By UKIP Campaign Director As ‘Outright Liar’


The UK Independence Party’s (UKIP) only Member of Parliament, Douglas Carswell, has another story about him in the Mail on Sunday today, with new claims that he was a “victim” of “dark forces” in UKIP. The article, written by the historically anti-UKIP Mail on Sunday journalist Glen Owen says that Mr. Carswell was at the receiving end of “aggression” by senior UKIP figures after the General Election in May.

The article coincidentally appeared just days after Mr. Carswell attacked UKIP leader Nigel Farage in public, and claims that the party’s General Secretary tried to “threaten and intimidate” him.

But his claims were almost immediately dismissed by the other party representative in the meeting, the party’s Campaigns Director Chris Bruni Lowe – who used to work for Mr. Carswell. He called Mr. Carswell an “outright” liar on Twitter this evening.

Mr. Carswell recalls: “I went outside [the House of Commons], and while waiting for the lift, [Matthew] Richardson tried to threaten and intimidate me. He said that I would regret my decision not to go along with what he had been proposing [a plan to represent all of UKIP’s 4 million voters].

Mr. Bruni Lowe, who is known to steer clear of the media limelight, had a different recollection of the event, stating on Twitter: “I never give quotes but feel strongly enough to speak out. Just read the Mail story of meeting between Matt Richardson and Douglas Carswell. I was also at that meeting and am shocked at the accusations Douglas levels at Matt Richardson. What Douglas says is an outright lie.

“In fact it was Douglas that was acting intimidating and saying all of the short money was all his. Even his staff member who was also there looked shocked at his behaviour. Douglas shouted at us as we we[re] getting in the lift.

He added: “Douglas has briefed this to destabilise the party at a time when we are united. 4 million voters would expect better of Douglas”.

Mr. Bruni Lowe confirmed his tweets were accurate in a telephone conversation with Breitbart London.

Mr. Carswell’s recent interventions have led to the party’s chairman, Steve Crowther, calling him “unhelpful” and stating: “There is a time and a place to have discussions about the leadership of the party but I don’t think that on the eve of an EU summit or on the BBC is either of them.”

UKIP’s Member of the European Parliament Diane James told the BBC’s World at One programme: “I’m absolutely astonished that Douglas has made the comments he has made today. His timing and his motivation I just can’t even begin to fathom.

“Maybe he is part of a process and some form of organisation that wants to distract and divert from the fact that David Cameron achieved nothing in Brussels last night.”

She was asked if she was suggesting Mr Carswell was a Tory plant inside the party. She replied: “I do wonder at his motives.

“He has come from the Conservatives, there is a lot about him that seems to suggest that he is unhappy with the move he has made. Maybe he is reflecting on that. It is well known that he is still extremely friendly with existing Conservative MEPs.”

Mr. Carswell’s version of events also differs from that of the UKIP expert Prof. Matthew Goodwin, who wrote in his book: “UKIP: Inside The Campaign“:

“…Bruni Lowe and Richardson left to find Carswell. They needed to talk about the short money, and let him know that Farage was back. As they made their way through parliament, towards Central Lobby, they saw a journalist cornering Carswell, thrusting a mobile phone into his face. It was news of Farage’s return. Carswell was not impressed. After finding a meeting room, he listened to the two advisers. Some would later claim the MP was ‘physically angry’ about the refusal of Farage to leave and had threatened to leave Ukip unless he was given sole control of the short money”.

Mr. Carswell did not respond to Breitbart London when asked for comment.