Geert Wilders Tells Mainstream Media, Political Opponent ‘Suckers’ To ‘Drop Dead’

Geert Wilders

Dutch member of parliament and anti radical-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders has reacted angrily to calls for him to distance himself from anti-migrant action, telling his critics to ‘drop dead’.

The Party for Freedom leader has come under steady fire from leftist politicans and the mainstream media this past week since a riot in the Dutch town of Geldermalsen over the establishment of refugee camps near a number of Dutch towns. Incredible footage shot at the time showed the protesters pushing back police lines and tearing up fences as they approached the town hall.

A meeting of the town council over the decision to locate a migrant camp had to be abandoned halfway through an address given by a hijab-wearing speaker as the protesters reached the plate glass walls of the hall.

Responding to those who have criticised his silence over the riot, and the perceived influence he may have had over it in urging individuals to “resist” the camp, Mr. Wilders issued a blistering statement. “Politicians and the press can drop dead. Distance yourselves from your cowardice and betrayal of the Netherlands to Islam. Sukkels”.

Mr. Wilder’s use of the Frisian insult Sukkel is interesting in this context. While it can be translated simply as ‘sucker’ in English, it can also be taken to mean a number of colourful insults ranging from idiot, to laggard, and dork.

In addition to the riot last week, a Somali migrant family has also been attacked in the Netherlands in the past week, with the finger of blame again being pointed at the politician. Fireworks were fired at the home of the family, and a leaflet left behind bearing the words “foreigners must go, this is just the beginning” and a picture of Mr. Wilders, reports

Geert Wilders is a veteran campaigner in Europe and has used his time as member of the Dutch and European parliaments to speak out about the dangers of the Islamification of Europe. He also campaigns against the European Union, which in an interview with Breitbart London this year he said was “robbing us of our national identities, our nation states”.

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