London Radio Says Concern About Migrants Illegally Killing And Eating Swans ‘Ridiculous’

Eating Swans
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

London talk radio station LBC has branded a caller “ridiculous” for expressing concern about mass migration in a round-up of their “funniest moments of the year”.

Caller Keith phoned the show back in June to join in a discussion about how immigration had affected individuals already living in the United Kingdom. Bringing up the phenomenon of Romanian migrants killing, cooking, and eating swans he was dismissed by the host who remarked “oh Keith, come on” in exasperation as he spoke.

Now the call has been brought back by LBC, who included it in a list of their funniest moments of the year, asking “is this the most ridiculous call on immigration ever?”

Despite the dismissal of the concerns, killing a swan remains a serious crime in the United Kingdom which can invite a hefty fine or jail time for transgressors. All swans in the United Kingdom are technically the property of the Queen and her majesty’s Swan Uppers still count the birds on the Thames annually, as they have done for hundreds of years.

Respected national bodies including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) have spoken out against immigrants hunting Swans for food, with a number of charred carcasses having been discovered on river-banks, and injured swans having escaped their would be killers in past years.

Speaking of one incident in 2013 when two swans were killed by crossbow bolts, an RSPCA inspector said: “It is educated guesswork but I don’t believe this is the work of thugs looking for their kicks because they would normally use stones or catapults.

“This was a sophisticated, high-powered crossbow that would have had to have been concealed so not to arouse suspicion. I suspect the intention of the offenders was to remove them but it was just sheer luck that the swans survived being bolted and in their terrified state were able to get away.

“It is possible that someone who is non-British may have considered these swans to be food.

“In Britain swans are revered and are heavily protected. I suspect that this has been carried out by someone who is not aware of their status. Swans aren’t far removed from a goose or turkey, a big bird with a lot of meat on them”.