Trump Doesn’t Think Paris Is In Germany, But It’s Hard To Fit The Collapse Of Europe Into 140 Characters


“ZOMG Donald Trump thinks Paris is in Germany!!!!” the anti-Trump troll brigade tweet in unison today after the Republican presidential candidate summed up what can only be described as a left-wing inspired clusterfuck taking place across Europe.

Mr. Trump, ever keen to comment on global events, tweeted: “Man shot inside Paris police station. Just announced that terror threat is at highest level. Germany is a total mess-big crime. GET SMART!”

Does this sound like Paris is in Germany? Maybe – but only if you want to read it that way. I’m going to hazard a guess here, and it’s just a guess. But I reckon a man with Mr. Trump’s property portfolio, combined with his access to a private jet means he’s probably been to Europe a fair few more times than even his most well travelled critic.

See what Mr. Trump is summarising in this tweet, is that Europe is a basket case. And it’s a basket case because Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Hollande have done the very things that Mr. Trump would never do:

1. Allow uncontrolled, mass migration, with little to no checks on who is entering their countries;

2. Hand over power to an unelected bureaucratic organisation called the European Union;

3. Place more emphasis on ‘liberal’ ideology than what works best for the country;

4. Pretend that all Muslim immigrants are peaceful refugees who just want to integrate;

5. Deflect the blame for a lack of integration onto ‘right wing’ elements of society.

And it’s not just Germany or France either. In the United Kingdom we have a similar situation.

But Mr. Trump, like me, finds it hard to fit all the deeply disturbing, left-wing, fuck-wittery that has effectively ruined Europe for at least a generation, into one tweet.

“He should have used two tweets, then!”

Yeah – coz THAT is what the world needs to concern itself with, right now. Right?


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