EXCLUSIVE – UKIP Deputy Paul Nuttall Demands Govt Release Details On Migrant Settlement Plans After Cologne Scandal


The UK Independence Party (UKIP)’s deputy leader Paul Nuttall has today called on the government to release full, transparent, centralised details of where Mr. Cameron’s promised 20,000 Syrian migrants, and others being allowed into the UK, are to be housed.

Writing exclusively for Breitbart London following the Cologne migrant rape scandal, Mr. Nuttall – also a Member of the European Parliament – said that the European media and authorities had effectively colluded to keep the story out of the news, and that as such, the British government owes a duty of care to the public in making migrant resettlement plans transparent.

Mr. Nuttall writes: “No one could fail to be both appalled and astonished by the events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve… while those vile attacks in Cologne eventually made the headlines – albeit only after a misguided media and German government cover-up… they happened elsewhere, too.

Now the UKIP deputy is warning that the same could happen in Britain, while some have already likened the Cologne attack and cover-up to the now infamous Rotherham rape scandal in Britain, where thousands of young, predominantly white girls were groomed and raped by gangs of Pakistani men. At the time, the story went unreported on because of political correctness and the police’s own admission that they did not want to appear “racist”.

Mr. Nuttall added: “David Cameron and his government should immediately release the details, in a centralised fashion, as to whereabouts these new influxes of people are being settled. Police forces across the country should be compelled to report crimes and the exact background of any suspects as a matter of total transparency.

“If the UK has given sanctuary to a single man who would consider going on a dog-like rampage like those migrants in Cologne, then it proves only further how useless we are at protecting our borders.”

The first of around 20,000 Syrian migrants being flown into the United Kingdom from Syrian refugee camps arrived in September 2015, with around 1,000 in total expected to have been settled in the UK already. The Home Office also settles asylum seekers and migrants who make their way through the Channel Tunnel, or smuggle themselves into Britain in vans, lorries, and cars.

When the first Syrians arrived, the government refused to give details of where they would be settled, but some local authorities, including Glasgow and Solihull, have voluntarily declared that they will be entering into the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme, which comes with central government financial inducements.

Controversy arose in October 2015 when residents of the small village of Longford, near Heathrow, reported being inundated with migrants.

The Daily Mail‘s Robert Hardman reported: “Walking down Bath Road, I meet a trio sitting on a wall. They are from Syria, Sudan and Ethiopia, and say they reached the UK via Calais. Over the road, I have a long chat with Matt Bassinga, 23, who recently arrived — by plane — from Congo.

“Round the corner in Heathrow Close, I find a couple of properties full of Eritrean youths. All are young, unmarried men. The majority reached the UK in the back of a cross-Channel lorry or freight train.

“After claiming asylum on British soil, they were sent here pending processing by the Home Office.”

Residents of the village reported migrants in gangs loitering on the streets late at night, and walking through people’s gardens. One local said: “It’s that idiot woman who runs Germany… The one who told everyone in the world that they could come and live in Europe”.

You can read Mr. Nuttall’s full article, exclusively for Breitbart London, here.