Classified Report Warns of Paris-Style Terror Attacks in Germany

terror attacks
Johannes Simon/Getty Images

The German government is warning that jihadi-motivated terror attacks similar to those seen in Paris in November could happen in Germany.

A classified government report into German security seen by Bild highlights official concern regarding the country’s vulnerability to terror attacks. An extract warns that “Germany has been clarified as a genuine target of jihadi-motivated violence.”

It goes on to warn that such terror attacks could happen “at any time” and lists potential targets as being “government and civilian facilities, as well as government officials and the public.”

The report specifically cites the Paris attacks which took place in November 2015 as the model for potential events. Such terrorism would involve “multiple attacks, carried out over several days” using guns, explosives and firebombs.

The government believes the most likely culprits are to be found in the ranks of the 300 or so jihadi fighters who have returned “battle-tested and completely brutalised” from Syria, although they do not expect them to be acting under foreign orders. Instead the government thinks they will more likely be so-called ‘lone wolf’ attackers or small autonomous groups.

In the wake of the migrant sex assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, some German politicians have called for tighter security checks on migrants and refugees. Gregor Golland, a senior member of Chancellor Angel Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union from North Rhine-Westphalia, told Rheinische Post:

“The lack of information about refugees at both a communal and regional level is a security risk for the general public. I am calling for comprehensive security checks on all refugees living in North Rhine-Westphalia, in order to be able to provide the local authorities with reliable information about convicted persons or individuals under suspicion.”

Mr. Golland is backed by fellow state politicians from the centre-right Free Democratic Party whose domestic policy spokesman, Marc Lürbke, said:

“The municipalities and the region must know who is living here. The authorities must also know what crimes have been committed by refugees and whether they are being investigated. Therefore, we quickly need consistent, reliable intelligence about this nationwide security concern.”

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