WATCH: BuzzFeed Tries To Makes Bi-Racial People Feel ‘Inferior’, Implies Being Mixed Race Is A Hinderance

BuzzFeed has published a video entitled: “The struggle of being mixed race – When nobody knows you’re biracial”. It portrays the lives of those who are “ethnically ambiguous” as intrinsically hard, because others can’t always tell what their genetic makeup is. 

“No one has ever been able to correctly identify who I am in my life”, says one woman over a solemn and sad piano. “Sometimes I wish I could just walk in and be instantly recognised a Mexican-American,” says another guy, who is sick of being perceived as white.

The video is a perfect display of biologically obsessed, left wing, identity politics, whereby a reductive view of racial “identity” is much more important that the content of someone’s character in determining their life. And, as always, everyone is a victim.

“An interesting thing from my journey as a young multi racial person growing up was rejection from both sides”, complains one woman. “I don’t fit in. I don’t belong”, says another.

“The last thing you want to do is stand out”, claims a third, “you just want to blend in as much as possible”.

“If I am going to be white, then why can’t I have blonde hair and blue eyes; if I am going to be Mexican, then why cant I have dark skin”, says the women, who seems to morn a world where the purity of the races has not been diluted.

“For mixed people who live in-between the line, we sort of just have to, kind of, be more than our racial background”, says a women who seems to assume the racist position that her genetics will determine her life.

“Why is this being portrayed as sad? I’m bi-racial and have never cried or felt sad about it. Yes, people can never guess “what I am”, but it doesn’t make me sad”, questions Stephanie Smith in the top Facebook comment.

“Not being able to feed your kids is a struggle. Being bi-racial is not. BuzzFeed, this is a very negative video and it makes it sound like people should feel sorry for those who are bi-racial. No one can make someone feel inferior unless you let them”, continues Ms. Smith.

“Wait….being multiracial is hard because people guess your ethnicity wrong? Who cares. Honestly”, exclaimed Taylor Liljedahl on YouTube. “I’m biracial. Guess what, its not a big deal. Shut up BuzzFeed.”, added The Scrtaznman.