WATCH – Trump On Parliament Debate: ‘I’m Honoured By Tremendous UK Support, Petition Went Nowhere’

U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump has told Sky News that he was honoured by the response from ordinary Britons following the attempt by socialists and Muslim MPs to ban him from the United Kingdom.

Speaking in Iowa to Sky’s Kay Burley, Mr. Trump said he “had a very big success in London” and noted, “as you know the whole thing went nowhere”.

Mr. Trump’s spokesman said at the beginning of this week that the debate to ban the businessman from Britain was a waste of parliamentary time – a sentiment echoed by almost everyone who watched.

But it didn’t stop members of parliament like Naz Shah using the platform to praise Muslim charities linked to Islamic extremists.

Mr. Trump added: “We received thousands of letters and e-mails and tweets saying ‘You’re so right’ and that so many people agree with me.

“There have been so many people who have been upset by it because they feel the same way I do. Something’s happening and it’s not good.

“I’m honoured by the tremendous support I had in the UK and that whole thing went away very few people showed up to talk about it.

Asked by Ms. Burley whether it “hurt” him, Mr. Trump replied: “I was sort of surprised it would happen. 500,000 [signatures] today is a whole different thing that it would have been 10 years ago before Twitter and all. I have… like 11 or 12 million people [across social media] I can get that many with one tweet. But today they made a big deal out of it.

“But I was really honoured by the way the people stuck up for me. Because the people of the UK stuck up for me and you know it”.