Government ‘Equalities Tsar’ Says Authorities More Interested In Political Correctness Than Forced Marriage Or Grooming Gangs

forced marriage
Adam Gerrard/AFP/Getty Images

“Hand-wringing” by authorities and their focus on politically correct multiculturalism mean serious problems in ethnic minority communities have not been addressed, according to David Cameron’s ‘equalities tsar’.

Louise Casey (pictured above with Mr. Cameron) heads up a Government review of opportunities and segregation among ethnic minorities. She suggested British authorities are reluctant to intervene to tackle deep-seated problems in some ethnic communities, reports The Telegraph.

“Take forced marriage,” she said. “We let some of that happen because we’re so politically correct in wanting our multi-cultural Britain we forget to talk about equality.

“Forced marriages happen. Girls should not be promised to others for marriage at the age of eight.

“This is not about a particular community not wanting to integrate – it’s about the people on the other side who have been hand-wringing.”

Ms. Casey suggests she is prepared for her group to deal with this when it publishes its interim report in March, adding:

“I feel we will come at this with some force in our review.”

One area in which Ms. Casey has specific experience is that of grooming gangs in Rotherham abusing as many as 1,600 children.

Appointed by Eric Pickles to inspect children’s services at Rotherham Council, she found the child sexual exploitation team to be poorly directed, suffering from excessive case loads, and failing to share information.

Yesterday her criticism of the cover-up culture in that town was even more explicit. She suggested the official priority seemed to be “Tippexing the word ‘Pakistani’ off children’s files in Rotherham.”

Instead of paying lip service to political correctness, Ms. Casey advised those attending the Policy Exchange thinktank launch of its new Demography, Immigration and Integration unit that it is “alright to say it’s not alright to treat your girls badly, and it’s okay for a white woman to say it.”

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