Islamic State Makes French National Front Its ‘Prime Target’

National Front

The Islamic State terror group has used its French language propaganda vehicle to announce that Marine Le Pen’s National Front is now a ‘prime target’ for their next atrocity.

In a picture published at the weekend in their online French language outlet Dar al Islam, Islamic State has focused on the anti-mass migration Eurosceptic National Front (FN) as their next target for a massacre on French soil, reports Metronews.

This latest development marks the first time that Ms. Le Pen’s political party has been the subject of a clear threat from IS in an official document. The editorial of the latest edition of the magazine announces:

“It’s no longer a question of whether France will be hit again, the only pertinent questions concern the next targets and the date.”

The accompanying picture is of a mass meeting staged by the FN in May, with the caption: “Rally of FN idolaters. Targets of first choice.”

A specialist on Islamist matters, Romain Caillet of the Institut français du Proche-Orient, took to Twitter yesterday to ask if irresponsible anti-FN sloganeering by left-wing politicians ahead of last year’s regional elections in France could be blamed for the move. He suggested that “the irresponsible slogan ‘To vote for FN, is to vote for IS’ has perhaps annoyed jihadists and caused these threats”.

Sharing that tweet with Prime Minister Manual Valls, FN secretary general Nicola Bay described demonstrations by his party as being in the cross hairs of IS, and asked him pointedly whether he was “happy”.

This morning the FN’s vice president Louis Aliot used an interview on Radio France Internationale to call for protection from the Interior Ministry, asking that it “take the threat seriously to avoid the worst.”

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