Police Confirm Migrant Camp Grenade Attack Was NOT Racist Attack

Grenade Attack

Corporate rivalry was responsible for a failed grenade attack on an asylum facility in Germany two weeks ago claim German police, not right wing extremism as was first assumed by many.

There was confusion over the nature and intent after an “explosive device” was thrown over the fence into a migrant camp in Villingen-Schwenningen, Baden-Württemberg two weeks ago, as differing sources conflicted over the type of bomb, where it had come from, and why. Now four Eastern European men have been arrested in connection over the plot, accused of throwing the grenade not at the migrants inside, but the guards hut, where security staff from a rival company were resting.

According to the official police release, officers have interviewed more than 100 individuals in relation to the attack and have determined “a xenophobic [motive] can be excluded”. The four suspects were arrested overnight from Monday to Tuesday by SWAT officers, with men aged between 22 to 37 taken into custody, and three have been charged with the use of controlled weapons of war.


No updates from the UK media

The explosive has now been revealed to be an M52 grenade [pictured] manufactured in the former Yugoslavia, a type becoming increasingly common across Europe, and especially in Sweden, as it is carried up from the Balkans in the same smuggling routes used to bring illegal immigrants into the heart of the continent.

If using a live grenade to scare business competition seems strange for Germany, it is already commonplace in multicultural Sweden. Breitbart London spoke to former Malmo police chief Torsten Elofsson who said grenades were even used to settle disputes over housing, with association offices attacked by night.

Unlike in Sweden, and especially in Malmo where in mid 2015 grenade attacks were almost daily occurrences, the device in Villingen-Schwenningen failed to explode.

Breitbart London reported at the time that some German newspapers immediately linked the attack with anti-immigrant groups, despite a lack of evidence. Other outlets were merely content to run news about the grenade and new figures on right-wing violence side-by-side, forming an implicit link between the two.

As yet, none of the British news outlets that covered the attack (above right), implying a link to right wing protesters, have updated their stories to reflect the new information.

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