Carswell Staffer Suzanne Evans Quotes EU-Funded, Pro Mass Migration ‘Think Tank’, Says Don’t Mention UKIP And Nigel Farage During Referendum


Former UK Independence Party (UKIP) Deputy Chairman and now taxpayer funded, Douglas Carswell staffer Suzanne Evans has used a speech at the UKIP Wales conference today to tell attendees not to mention Nigel Farage or UKIP during the EU referendum campaign.

Speaking to around 30 people in a fringe event in Llandudno, Wales this morning, Ms. Evans and Mr. Carswell told the few in attendance that neither their political party, nor their party leader should be talked about during the referendum campaign.

Mr. Farage was speaking to around 250 people at the Grassroots Out rally while Mr. Carswell and Ms. Evans hosted a “Vote Leave” event outside the conference area in Wales, timed specifically to clash with their party leader.

Ms. Evans said: “it’s best not to mention” Nigel Farage or UKIP, using research produced by an EU-funded organisation to back her claims, lumping Mr. Farage in with Tony Blair on trustworthiness.

The Huffington Post reports that she offered to send copies of the book to attendees, but Breitbart London can reveal that most in the audience will already have it – because they either work directly for, or with Ms. Evans and Mr. Carswell. Attendees included Robin Hunter Clarke, a 23 year old spokesman for Vote Leave which UKIP took active steps to distance themselves from, as well as Mr. Carswell’s parliamentary staffers, and the other recently dismissed Deputy Chairman Neil Hamilton.

The two apppeared on the platform alongside Conservative Party MP David Jones, who looked unamused by the low turnout.

Meanwhile, UKIP’s only MP Douglas Carswell was calling fans of Mr. Farage “losers” on Twitter:

Ms. Evans’s comments were plucked from a pamphlet called  “How Not To Talk About Europe” produced by think-tank British Future.

British Future has received funding from the European Commission, as well as receiving over half a million dollars in funding from the pro-open border, pro-mass migration ‘Unbound Philanthropy’ group which also supports activists creating tensions over the migrant crisis, the Calais Jungle, and even a group – Hope Not Hate – which actively campaigned against Nigel Farage at the UK General Election.

Ms. Evans said: “They suggest you don’t put Ukip branding on campaign materials,” adding: “They say really even if you love Nigel Farage and you love Ukip, it’s best not to mention it”.

The party’s former director, Steve Stanbury told Breitbart London this morning: “This is astonishing and disappointing from a former party official. The Out movement needs to be united and inclusive and needs to make a positive case for leaving.”

Twitter users were equally miffed with Ms. Evans and Mr. Carswell, with mostly Conservative Party supporters coming to their aid online.