Nationalist Parties Soar As Mass Migration Haunts Slovak Election

Robert Fico Slovakia

From an AFP story in the News Republic:

Leftist Prime Minister Robert Fico won Slovakia’s general elections on Saturday on the back of a strident anti-refugee platform, but lost his parliamentary majority as a scattering of smaller parties including the extreme right won seats, according to exit polls.

A conservative leader described the outcome as a “big earthquake” in Slovak politics, and analysts cautioned that Fico would need to work hard to woo two or three parties to build a governing coalition.

An exit poll by the private Markiza TV station showed his Smer-Social Democrats (Smer-SD) party taking 27.3 percent (45 seats) of the vote, meaning Fico lost his 83-seat majority in parliament, which has 150 members.

This was followed by the liberal Freedom and Solidarity SaS with 13.3 percent (22 seats) and conservative OLANO-NOVA which took 11.2 percent (18 seats).

Nine parties entered parliament according to the poll, including the far-right Slovak National Party (SNS – 13 seats) with eight percent, touted by analysts as a possible Fico coalition partner.

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