Former British PM Tony Blair Says Europeans Anxious About The Prospect Of President Donald Trump

tony blair

Although himself “optimistic” about the outcome and seeing some “entertainment value” in it, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair expressed concern about the United States’ presidential race today, saying European observers are experiencing a “level of anxiety” about the prospect of Donald Trump in the White House.

The Hill reports that Tony Blair was being interviewed by Greek-American billionaire businessman and radio talk show host John Catsimatidis when he was asked his opinion on the U.S. presidential race. Mr. Blair laughed in response, to which Mr. Catsimatidis asked whether that was because of the “entertainment value” of Trump’s candidacy.

“The entertainment value is high,” Mr. Blair responded, “and there is a certain, I have to say, level of anxiety as to what’s happening to America, the most powerful country in the world — it really matters.”

Nevertheless, citing his long years of observing U.S. politics, the former Labour Party leader expressed a level of optimism (which for him probably means another Clinton in the White House), saying:

“I’ve got long experience now with American politics now, and in the end you usually end up in a situation where things right themselves and correct themselves, so let’s wait and see what happens.

“I think the most important thing that people want to see, particularly if they’re supporters of America and an ally of America, is that they want to see an America that is strong and capable of forging the right partnerships in the world.”

Ever the politician, Mr. Blair did not mention the current Republican front-runner by name, but still managed to imply that a Trump presidency would alienate some American allies and even weaken the nation, concluding:

“Who you elect is up to you, and it’s certainly been entertaining for sure. But you know, those of us from the outside, we want to see America successful and strong.”

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